MAY & JUNE 2016

May and June flew by this year and Vyvella has published 10 posts altogether. Though my blog was not as productive as we usually are, my personal life was filled with complements:

1.     I took a long vacation in China with my parents and brother. Originally planned as a three-week vacation, we extended it to one month because I decided to take my Driver License Exam in Beijing and I finally got my Driver License in China!

2.     We also celebrated my niece's (brother’s daughter's) first full month of life with our large family.

3.     I travelled with my family in Hunan, a mountainous province and my beloved hometown, which is located in South Central China. We also travelled to the Yunnan province, which is located in southwestern China. It's known for being a deeply multicultural area. I have taken lots of beautiful scenic and exotic pictures of my journey and will definitely share them with you all in no time.

4.     I found that I developed sleeping problems earlier but I am searching solutions for myself and for those who experience similar problems. Currently, I am putting them into effect.

5.     As for every month’s new topic, in May I shared the pictures and stories of my two-year old son under the category “Vivian->Lifestyle” on Mother’s Day, The Team Member Makes Me a Better Person. In June, we posted Sports pictures and stories under “Lifestyle” as well.

6.     Lastly but most importantly, we flew from coast to coast last weekend to attend 2016 Copa America Centenario Final Match: Argentina vs Chile at Metlife Stadium, New Jersey. This was the first time my husband, my son, and I, watched a soccer game and the first time we were able to see Messi’s performance so closely. It is definitely an unforgettable experience.  We all love soccer and enjoy sports. How about you?

Wait for July and we will uncover a brand new topic for you and our loyal readers!