My readers always ask me: who is the team behind Vyvella?

My photographer and I are the key people behind the website. However, there is one teammate I would like to acknowledge; he is my 2-year-old son.

There are several reasons why I believe he is an essential part of our team.

1. First and foremost, he makes me a better person. I gained 20 pounds after his delivery. I quickly made some positive changes and started going to the gym more often (I used to be the type of person who only worked out once a month or once a year). Now I love to exercise, and I have a goal to obtain firm abs. I’m really thankful for him. 

2. He helps us relax whenever we’re tired, bored or occasionally freaking out.

3. He’s very proactive. He has never missed any team building events, lunches, or dinners.

4. Every Sunday, he accompanies me to my photo shoots. It does not matter if it's sunny, rainy, windy or chilly.

5. Thanks to him, we can use his stroller to carry heavy clothes, bags, cameras and food to our photo shoots.

6. He is a mini-model. He is featured in the majority of my pictures. If he isn’t photographed, he’s probably hungry and eating, or tired and sleeping.

7. He continues to keep me driven and motivated; he always gives me compliments and encourages me.

8. He is also the sweetest person on the team. He accompanies me to my workouts, comes along when I go to the grocery store, loves to read me stories, and/or sings songs for me.

I love him so much. The last thing I do before bed is preparing his food and clothes for the next day; it doesn’t matter how late it is. Sometimes I’m up early in the morning and extremely tired, but I don’t mind.  I would do this until the end of time, because he is just so lovely.

I really appreciate my son and team; I love you!

I enjoy being a mom, and, more importantly, being YOUR mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!