Nike Sports Bra, Zella Capris, Nike Sneakers

A long time has passed since my last fitness review.

The message I posted on the first day said, “I’m keeping my fitness posts updated to motivate you and myself to stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle.”

At the time I wrote that message, I was consistently working, eating, exercising and sleeping. Then suddenly, I stopped exercising and noticed I no longer had the motivation to continue my workout routines.

You may be wondering what happened.

Well, I found out I developed a sleeping problem.

Since I started the Vyvella website, I’ve had to work seven days a week.  My days are filled with multiple tasks and projects including: styling clothes, orchestrating photoshoots, writing blogs and articles, posting content on social media, maintaining my website, checking fashionista’s posts, getting inspiration from multiple resources, keeping up with fashion history as well as trends, and performing other miscellaneous tasks.

Because of my busy schedule, I’ve had a lack of sleep. This has caused a decrease in my motivation to exercise. I used to hit the gym at least three times a week; nowadays, I’m lucky if I visit the gym once.

As we all know, lack of sleep can affect your health and your workout results. Since I’m suffering from chronic sleep loss, everything has started to change. Not only do I have low energy when I work-out, but I’m also not able to recover as quickly when I engage in rigorous activities.  I feel tired, exhausted, sore, and I usually have to skip my workouts.
So what can I do next ...