Although burgundy and red have been my "go-to" colors, yellow has stood out as one of my favorite colors since my childhood. Each time I wore yellow, it brought me good luck and happiness; almost like magic.

Now, with Beyonce's album "Lemonade” launched, the yellow trend is in full effect.
Let’s hope this yellow dress works its charm once again.
Tomorrow, I will be leaving for China to visit my family and friends! If I cannot log on my website or my Facebook, Instagram pages while I am in China, Vyvella will be offline for the next three weeks (but I doubt that will happen!).

When I come back, my firm abs might have disappeared and my petite face might have gotten a little fuller from my relaxation, but Vyvella will most definitely bring interesting stories and exotic pictures from all my adventures.

Stay tuned and have a great Summer!


Roksanda Dress (shorter one here)
Rag and Bone Belt
Sam Edelman Lace-up Sandal (similar here and here)
YSL Lipstick

Photos by Lei Li