A good fashionista uses her surroundings to get ideas, whether she's on the streets of Manhattan or hiking the steppes of Mongolia. You may find the perfect pair of sandals when you're shopping downtown, but a cactus flower in the middle of the desert can ignite your inspiration like nothing else. Here at Vyvella, we're just as committed to exploring the world as we are to the latest trends, and we'll be bringing you entertaining travel stories and on the go fashion tips along with the scoop on the latest street styles.

For our first travel post, we're taking you to a sun-kissed valley 110 miles east of Los Angeles known as Joshua Tree National park. With 350 days of sunshine every year, the beautiful vistas will give you plenty of space for self-discovery and relaxation. Forget high-contrast outfits: the contrast of the landscape will take your breath away, combining dusky red rocks with sudden outcroppings of scrub bushes, fan-palm oases, and even fields of wildflowers. If you're ready to do some camping and escape city life, this is a must-visit destination.

It's hard to miss the park's namesake, the Joshua tree (actually a member of the agave family) whose spindly limbs seem to beseech the heavens for light. The cactus forests tell a story of survival, resilience, and beauty borne through perseverance. At dusk, the sunsets are unforgettable, spreading deep shades of purple and red across the landscape. In the summer, the desert seems fragile and defeated, shaped by strong winds, unexpected bursts of rain, and climate changes that go from one extreme to the other. Plants and animals can survive through long periods of harshness, but they wait for the rain to help them reproduce. The weather can get intense, but you won't be the first person to brave it: humans have actually been living here for ages. Members of the Pinto Culture, one of the earliest human groups to live in the Southwest, settled by the dry river bed known as Pinto Basin almost 5,000 years ago.

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Photos by Lei Li