“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

As a child I heard many stories about the beauty of the illustrious lavender fields in Provence. It sounded like a fairytale; I was completely enamored. I wanted nothing more than to see a meadow suffused with these magnificent, aromatic shrubs. So I made a promise to myself that in adulthood I would travel to France to view the flowers for myself.   

My dreams finally came true last July.  I had the opportunity to tour Provence with family and friends to the place I had always wanted to visit since I was a kid.

When we arrived, I couldn’t help but notice the fields weren’t as vibrant as I had imagined in my head. Most of the flowers had been harvested, and we were told that June was a better time to see the lavender blossom that year.

Although the fields weren’t as exquisite as I’d imaged, I still had a terrific time. What made this trip exceedingly memorable was being able to experience Provence with my family; they made the trip incredible! I have fun with my family anytime we get together, and I wasn’t surprised that we enjoyed ourselves on this journey. Family is extremely important, and I was elated that mine could join me on this adventure. It honestly didn’t matter where we journeyed, I was just happy to be in their company. We dined all hours of the day, conversed until the sun came up, laughed until our stomachs hurt, and most importantly, created everlasting memories. 

Some quick advice: if you have the opportunity to travel, I recommend bringing your loved ones. You’ll thank me later!

Wearing: Maggy London Dress (similar here), Eric Javits Hat, Anthropology Hat (similar here), Vince Sneakers

Photos by Lei Li