Koral Leggings, Nike Runners

Here they are: they're not a 6 pack or even a 4 pack, but they're the only abs I have so far and I worked hard for them.

I'll admit I'm not much of an athlete. My main impressions about exercise came from my high school gym classes, where they made me run a 5K through the campus with my classmates. There was a time when I was at the gym less than once a month, but after an unfortunate photo shoot experience, I knew I needed to make a change.

I was wearing one of my favorite pink dresses, and the photographer was snapping away taking tons of good shots, but once I looked at the final pictures I felt awful about the shape of my tummy. I deleted some of the worst offenders and vowed to make a change. No matter how beautiful the dress looked on me, I couldn't feel confident if I didn't stay in shape. I hung the dress in my corridor so I would have to look at it every day on my way to the gym, and I got serious about working out. Everyone needs positive changes!  And keeping fit was definitely mine. In 2014 I lost 17 lbs in two months through a combination of dieting and a Zumba/jump rope regimen, and since October 2015 I've managed to hit the gym 3 times a week. I still have that pink dress and I can't wait to shoot some “after” photos of my new bod.

Here at Vyvella, we know that staying in good shape is just as important as what you wear. In the next batch of posts I'll share my experience, and some useful tips for exercising and maintaining a healthy figure, such as the best fitness tips I ever got, the best diet tips I ever got, the most useful exercises I ever got, and the best lessons I learned from fitness mistakes. I'm keeping my fitness posts updated to motivate you and myself to stay in shape and live healthier lifestyle.

No one is perfect, definitely not me. Go to exercise, this is the first step to best ourselves!

Photos by Lei Li