Red and floral fashion

Red and floral fashion

Sensual and sensible at the same time, a marriage of the happy and the serious, red and black is what you get when love meets elegance. Black and white is chic, but pairing red with black brings out the fire in the darkness. From the simple red dress paired with a black belt to red-and-black lace evening dresses, we play with these intense colors to add a touch of drama. The shade of blood and of lips, red gets our hearts pumping and makes us think about passion and desire. In China red represents the element of fire, and it was considered a symbol of nobility throughout the Zhou, Han, Jin, Song, and Ming dynasties, when used in court ceremonies and weddings. Red brings good luck and fortune wherever it goes.

You can combine red and black by putting a red top together with some cool black pants, or vice versa, a black blouse with a pair of bright red pants. A mostly-red ensemble with pops of black is perfect for achieving a sassy look without going over the top. Try a classic-cut red coat with black leggings, a bright red cocoon coat with a black hat and black top, or a candy-apple colored suit with a little black t-shirt underneath. Liven up a LBD with an equally sophisticated bold red coat for the perfect confident look.  While a maxi red gown or skirt with a touch of black accent takes the style to a whole new level, a red and black floral pattern dress or even a dose of the fiery hue in a floral scarf will make you appear absolutely majestic.

Of course, no post about this playful primary color could be complete without a shout out to lipstick: the perfect shade of red on your lips adds glamour to every occasion. Pair it with minimal makeup to highlight your natural beauty, or bring out your inner tigress by adding cats-eye makeup to bright red lips and execute the perfect work of art.


Red long dress with black belt

Red and black floral gown

Black leather top pairs with tailored red pants and shiny black pumps

Red chinos and tucked black wrap shirt

Lady classic-cut red coat and leather leggings

Red and black with dotted stockings

Red cocoon coat with black top and hat

Sleek red suit and black t-shirt

Red leather jacket over black top and jeans

Retro red dress with black polka dots

Red cable sweater, black skirt and cute chunky black heels

Black and red floral scarf

Red and black top and skirt

Red and black lace dress in Jason Wu, inspiration from China

Floor-length red skirt and cropped black leather jacket

Red gown with sleek black choker