Vivian Xu has Masters degrees in both Arts and Science from universities in the United States. She believes that all things go by laws, and fashion is no exception. Trends may come and go, but the rules of style always endure.

Vyvella is her dream and passion project and designed to help women bring out their natural beauty. The name Vyvella is a mash-up of Vivian and Cinderella. Cinderella has always been Vivian’s favorite character because of her kindness, grace and courage. Like Cinderella, Vivian did not begin her life as a princess: as a child she was teased because of her big lips, and was so embarrassed by them that she would try to hide them when people took photographs of her. Vivian didn’t have a fairy godmother to save her, but she did get a trip to the US, where a different set of beauty ideals, and some great lipsticks helped her realize that her lips were nothing to hide.

It’s hard to convince people that beauty comes from within when they don’t know how to showcase their inner beauty. People won’t believe that beauty can be defined in different ways if they don’t know what kind of beauty they have and how they can enhance it. It’s easy to talk about different kinds of styles—urban, chic, retro, edgy, feminine, eclectic, bohemian, unique, etc., but knowing about different styles won’t help unless you know how to wear them to achieve your best look. Luckily, Vyvella is here to help you.  Whether you are a novice trying to brush up on your look or a seasoned fashionista in search of the next hot trend, from casual to chic, basic black to black-and-white balls, Vyvella can offer you something.

Every day we all try to recognize who we are, figure out what we wear and how we style. Most people and bloggers show you what they wear, but Vyvella shows you rules and tips and what’s important, they are really applicable to style who you are.

What can you learn from Vyvella?

This blog is based on three simple ideas:
    1.    Fashion sense enhances your life.
    2.   Fashion should reflect your personal style.
    3.   Staying in good shape is just as important as what you wear.

Vyvella is a community and we appreciate your thoughts.
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